Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


1. Acceptance of terms and conditions

All users filling in this orderpurchase form and confirming purchase(s) acknowledge having read the following terms and conditions.  In validating your order, you fully accept the terms and conditions described herein.



2. Order acceptance and payment

Conclusion of the sale contract is bound to the acceptance of the order by P.E.F. Validation of payment implies acceptance of the order.  P.E.F. agrees to confirm to the user acceptance or refusal of its order by mail, telephone fax or e-mail.

P.E.F. reserves the right to cancel an order or a payment for any reason, especially due to third party stock providers, nature of the order or shipment problems.

All payments shall be done with the order, by credit card transfer or swift to the following coordinates :


11, rue la Boétie -

 75008  Paris- FRANCE


The client guarantees that he has the authorization necessary to use the means of payment he has chosen when validated the order. For payment by card, the provisions concerning the illegal use of payment by card in the agreements made between the client and the card issuer, as well as between us and their bank, shall apply.


3. Party's obligations

3.1. P.E.F.

1. P.E.F. agrees, once the order has been accepted, to deliver the exact goods ordered by the user, subject to availability.

2. P.E.F. agrees to send the goods ordered within eight (8) days (only working days taken into account) from the acceptance of the order for European Community, USA and Canada and within 15 days (only working days taken into account) for other countries (always subject to availability).

If the required products are not available on the day P.E.F. processes the order, but can be restocked, they will be sent as soon as P.E.F. has received them.

If ordered products are not in stock at the time of processing the order and cannot be restocked, P.E.F. will inform the user of the situation.

3.2 The client

1. The client agrees to indicate a shipping address where the goods can be delivered during normal working hours.

2. For countries outside European Community, USA or Canada, the client agrees to pay the price indicated by P.E.F. as well as to pay directly to the Carrier and/or the Forwarding Agent any additional amount that might arise due to eventual custom’s duties and formalities, value added tax or any other taxes levied by the local Authorities in the country of destination. No returns will be accepted due to non-payment of custom duties.


4. Prices

The price indicated on P.E.F. is fixed and is applicable during the whole validity noted on the price list.of the catalogue, which is periodically updated. It is indicated in EurosUSD. Prices in other currencies are only an indication.

Price includes packaging and shipping. Prices are indicated excluding transportation and taxes. Any additional taxes or custom rights and formalities are to be paid by the client (cf 3.2.2).



5. Transport and delivery

The goods are shipped to the address indicated by the user within 8 to 15 days from the order confirmation (cf. 3.1. 2.). The transfer of risk of the articles arises when P.E.F. delivers the articles to the carrier. Thus parcels are forwarded at customers sole risks.


The client can choose the transportation type (national postmail, or express private transportation) but P.E.F. chooses the transport company best suited to that choice. If the recipient or anybody that can accept the goods is absent, the transport company will leave notification of where the goods can be retrieved. P.E.F. will not be liable for any damage due to late retrieval or non retrieval from the transport company. Any events, not under the control of P.E.F., such as, natural disasters, governmental decisions or strikes within the transport company, which may interfere with the delivery, relieve P.E.F. from its obligations. The user will not receive any indemnities if the event extends to more than one month. In any cases, no delays in the delivery would give rise to interest damages or cancellation of the orders.


6. Goods returns, retractions, reimbursements

6.1. Goods return

Complaints can only be made when the delivered goods do not match the order or when the packaging has been badly damaged. Written complaints have to be made to the transport company when the goods are being delivered or at the latest 12 hours after delivery. A copy of the complaint has to be sent to P.E.F. within 24 hours, by fax or e-mail. A confirmation of the complaint written by the transport company, including an assessment of the damages, the cause of complaint and the order number, should also be sent to P.E.F.. If the number of items received does not match the order, P.E.F. will reimburse the price difference only if the goods received have an inferior value to the goods that had been ordered. If the goods have been badly damaged, P.E.F. reserves the right to either reimburse the order or replace the damaged good(s).

6.2. Retraction

In accordance with Article L121-20 of the French "Code de la Consommation", the buyer has seven (7) days, from the delivery date, to return, at his expenses, the goods to P.E.F. in their original packaging for a reimbursement or an exchange. If so, P & P will be charged to the buyer. Any query can be made to P.E.F. by e-mail, fax or telephone.

6.3 Reimbursement

All reimbursement will be made via bank transfer. The beneficiary will have to send to P.E.F. his/her banking details. French reimbursement fees will be paid by P.E.F.. P.E.F. will by no means be responsible for paying fees required by the beneficiary's bank.


7. Limitation of responsibility

The buyer is only responsible for the choice of goods, the way they are kept after delivery and for their uses. P.E.F. will not be held responsible for the non-respect of laws and legislations in operation in the country of delivery, if other than France.


8. Litigations

P.E.F is a French company and, as such, refers to the French version of these Terms and Conditions in case of any litigation.

If for any reason any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be held invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be ineffective to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability without in any manner affecting the validity or enforceability thereof in the remaining provisions hereof. Such provision shall be replaced with the closest provision herein.


The present Terms and Conditions are governed by French law for both content and form.

All litigation or disputes between the parties shall be brought only before the competent court located at the headquarters of P.E.F.