Initials Wooden Thread Display     
Créations Annie Cicatelli

    • Initials Wooden Thread Display : made in collaboration with a manufacturer specialized in high standard furniture for children, these thread palettes have been conceived to be the best match to your stitching any place you may go ! They combine the use of wood as raw material (as it is usually seen in thread palettes in the US) to the facilities all stitcher wish to have, all this with a specific characteristic : you'll have your thread display with your own initial !

    • Facilities : one wooden side (laminated scandinavian birch) varnished and with a magnet to hold the needles. The other side is made of a synthetic material that enables you to write down colours references (write with a pencil and erase with a humid tissue or a rubber). On the edge, a small blade to cut your threads anywhere..even on a plane.

    • Technical details : 12 cm (4.72 inches) high. 6 mm (0.24 inches) thick. Weight of 20 to 25 gr. 7 to 10 holes per letter .

    • Each initial is 15 euros (before transportation cost) and are now available

      For any inquiry, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

      PS : Thanks to B. for the challenge she proposed and F, the two I and the two V for their support and good advice :-)))

      To order fill the order form and send it with your credit card information by postmail or fax or use Paypal.
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    the back side the magnet the blade elephant thread holder
    Elephant thread holder

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